www.henerys.com has notified me this morning that they will be shipping the monitor anti-glare screen today.

Well they are shipping two of them, throwing in a second for my trouble.


I would like to thank www.henerys.com for being honest about this transaction and should I ever seek another such product, I would never bid on their products again, but then again once bitten...


First off, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a totally disabled cop, got hurt on the job about ten years ago.  I served this great old U.S.A. in Vietnam in 70-71 then served as a peace officer for nearly twenty years before an accident put me on the sidelines.

I now spend my days in a recliner with a computer at my side surfing the web and downing pain killers by the hour.  I've spent some time on EBAY buying parts for my computer and about four months ago, I bid on a glare screen for my old fifteen inch monitor from an outfit called Henry's.com here on EBAY.

I won the auction and sent them a postal money order that they returned. Seems that Canada doesn't recognize money orders from the USA, they wanted a credit card.  Well all my credit cards were ground to dust when I was hurt and fighting with Workers Comp and Social Security over my disability.  They went along with my house and my credit rating on September tenth 2001.

So it was back and forth trying to figure out ways that I could pay for this auction, I always try to make my bids good as can be seen by my feedback.  At long last after months of emails I suggested sending Cash (I know I SHOULD have known better but they seemed like a legit outfit!)

This took us well past the ninety day feedback deadline but I sent off eleven bucks for the ten.seventy-five auction and waited, and waited, and waited.

Meanwhile my computer got a bug and needed total low level format to cure, with this I lost their address and forgot their names.

Last week I found the envelope that they sent my money order back in, and it had their name on it, so I emailed them about the deal.

Their explanation - must have gotten lost in the mail.

Ok now I wasn't born yesterday, and in my fifty one years I'm sure I've sent of several thousand letters, not ONE, mind you NOT ONE letter was EVER lost in the mail.

I guess it's the principal of the deal but it appears to me that either Henery's.com is a bunch of thieves, or they hire thieves, and they surely don't care much about their reputation here at EBAY if they won't make good on a ten dollar auction!