What a Night


Jerry A.G. Ericsson

© Jerry A.G. Ericsson 8/23/00


Wow! What a night I must have had, to wake up with such a headache.  I can’t exactly remember what happened, but I do know that I must have drank way to much.  This happens much to often now days.  Maybe I am having a drinking problem or something I don’t know.


Guess I will go outside and see what kind of a day it is going to be today.  Hopefully it will be a sunny day with no hint of the gloom that was there yesterday.


Wow!  What a day, things seem somehow different, I can’t exactly explain it, just different.  The road seems to be divided not by the dashed yellow line that ran down the middle yesterday, but with white spots.  I walk down the road, and look behind me but as I pass over the spots, they dissapear.  All this early morning walking is making me hungry, and I begin seeking a place to eat breakfast, still walking down the lonely street with spots in the middle which seem to dissapear as I walk past them.


Suddenly behind me, I hear a groan, then a moan.  I turn but see nothing.  I continue walking down the street, but just ahead, it turns to the right and a large fence blocks any passage forward. I look to my right and see that that same fence seems to block any passage from the street in that direction.  To my left is another fence, exactly like the rest.  Again to my rear, I hear the moan that seems to come from some lost soul, lost in between the hear and the hear-after. I turn and look, this time I can see what appears to be the figure of a man, yet I can see through him.  I know that what I am seeing must be a ghost.  I begin to run, and come to the corner, where I turn and run just a few steps, then another fence blocks my way and I must turn to my right.  Behind me, I hear the spirit moaning and groaning even louder,  in my head, I can hear the blood pounding, as I run even faster.  “Waka-Waka-Waka.”  


Then another fence and I turn to my right again.  I seem to be keeping the distance between myself and the spirit.  He is not gaining even one foot on me, as I run through this maze of streets. “Waka-Waka-Waka” goes the pounding in my head, as I turn  yet another corner in this maze and there before me is a large apple just laying there in the road.  I slow and pick up the apple and begin to eat it as I run forward.  The apple seems to give me strength, I feel that I am invencable.  I turn and behind me are two spirits now the other as frightening as the first, but now I feel I can fight them. They see the strength in my eyes, and turn to run, yet with my new found strength, I overtake them in just a few seconds, and as if in some terriable dream, I devour them, like so many bran flakes in a bowl.


The terror now subsiding, I continue on my way, following the winding maze.  Now I begin to wonder, just how I came to be here.  I know I was drunk last night but this makes no sense to me at all.  I see a stump beside the road, and walk over and sit to ponder my situation.


As I sit there, thinking of what to do next, smoking an old cigar that I found laying beside the road, a stranger came by.  He looked very strange to me, his skin was yellow.  Not oriental in race, just a yellow skinned man.  He stopped and sat on the ground beside me, and began to question me as to why I was walking down this particular street.


I explained to him that I didn’t have the slightest idea, and told him of my adventure thus far.  He began to laugh.  Then he explained.


“You see, what happened to you was that you had way too much to drink last night.  Now don’t worry, this happens from time to time.  Think back, to last night when you were in the bar drinking.  What did you do to pass the time,  play a video game, did you?”


“Why yes I did!”



“Do you remember which video game you were playing?”


“Now let me think!   Yes, yes I do it was Pacman!”


“Well that explains everything!”  He said, laughing.


I noticed the size of his mouth, it must have been three times the size of any  mouth I had ever seen before.  The inside of his mouth was a bright red, contrasting with his bright yellow skin.  Now I realized what happened.  I have somehow been transported into that damn Pac-Man game.  My mom always told me that some day I would regret spending all my time playing video games!